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While most tutoring puts students in the passenger seat, the Aspire approach is just the opposite. Through a team of tutors stocked with content expertise and emotional intelligence, our students are asked questions that build on their prior knowledge and bring them to a stronger conceptual understanding of the material. Our 15-year Aspire approach not only leads to greater confidence and meaningfully better grades, but it empowers our students to be better prepared for the next phase of their educational careers.

Academic Tutoring

Our diverse team of specialists provides academic support in a wide range of subjects for students of all ages and learning levels; many are trained and experienced in working with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning issues, memory and processing challenges, and other learning differences.


Our Standard Rate Tutoring Prices: 

K-8th Grade Academic Tutoring

$95 /hour
  • All subjects for students in kindergarten through 8th grade

9th-12th Grade Academic Tutoring

$100 /hour
  • All general academic courses for students in 9th-12th grade
A schoolboy boy studies at home and does schoolwork with an online tutor.

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Recent Highlights in Academic Tutoring

Aspire tutor Eliza

Eliza empowered Eric to increase his Algebra grade from an F to consistent A’s.

Aspire tutor Swami

Swami empowered his students to raise their SAT scores by an average of 270 points in only two months!

Black student wearing wireless headphones during a virtual tutoring session

Test Prep

The Aspire difference is especially felt with Test Prep. Our team equips students with the test-taking strategies, time-management skills, and academic tools they need most. Our team will analyze your student’s initial ACT or SAT test to find exactly which concepts to prioritize in order to match you with the best tutor and maximize your score. Higher scores on the ACT and SAT can mean the difference between merely going to college and getting into that dream university. Our students typically improve between 100 and 250 points on the SAT and 3 to 6 points on the ACT. For example, one of our past students, Diya, increased her SAT score from an 820 to a 1320!


$120 /hour
  • Test preparation tutoring for high school entrance exams
  • Sessions are typically 1-1½ hours long


$130 /hour
  • All AP subject content and exam prep for AP tests


$140 /hour
  • Includes complementary test prep consult
  • Sessions are 1½ hours

Sliding Scale

We are thrilled to now be offering a sliding scale!

We use the California free and reduced lunch eligibility to support eligible families. Please refer to the California Department of Education Income Eligibility (link here):

Households eligible for Free Meals receive a 50% discount on our tutoring prices: tutoring for any subject is $50/hour.

Households eligible for Reduced-Price Meals  receive a 40% discount on our tutoring prices: tutoring for any subject is $60/hour.

Income Verification: We may use the following the verify income:

-Proof that your child is eligible for free or reduced lunches at school

-Cal fresh verification

-A copy of last year's tax return

father and daughter doing homework together

Meet Our Tutors

Aspire tutor Diana Ta

Diana Ta

Diana has a Bachelor’s in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University. She has more than six years of teaching and tutoring experience in Math and English, and is passionate about helping others excel academically.

Aspire tutor Jennifer Vu

Jennifer Vu

Jennifer graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. As a tutor with the Aspire Education Project, she hopes to continue working with underserved communities and promote access to educational resources to students from underrepresented communities.

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