Academic Support Through Partnerships

“From being a mentor to a friend, my Aspire tutor not only gave me a better understanding and confidence in my academic success, but has helped me become a better version of myself.”

- Rafael, Boys & Girls Club student

For over 15 years, Aspire has partnered with dozens of Bay Area organizations, designing custom programs that have empowered thousands of students to reach greater results in college entrance exams or increased confidence and achievement levels in subjects in which they’ve struggled. That experience has enabled us to learn what works best in a variety of settings. While many of our programs typically deal with the SAT, ACT, or high school entrance exams, our specialists provide 1-on-1 and small group support in all subjects.

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Test Prep Workshops

With the stress and stakes of standardized testing, a relatively cheap course can have a profound impact on student trajectories. Many of our test prep workshops have propelled high school juniors to become the first in their families to attend college. Our specialists adjust their approach to each student’s individual strengths and needs, whether the course is twelve weeks long or as short as four. Just last year, the average increase in score from our SAT course was 280 points!

students write in notebooks

In-School Support

Aspire is also able to provide tutoring on campus during the school day. Our school partnerships provide quality support to individual students or small groups in any challenging subject. If your school is looking for thoughtful tutors to support students onsite, please reach out to us.

tutor and students smile at a table together
Teacher helps a student with his work

Helping Rising Sun Students Build Careers

Aspire partner since 2017

Aspire has been working with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity's "Opportunity Build" program since 2017. Opportunity Build is a 12-month job readiness program for adults who are interested in starting a career in construction or entering a union apprenticeship. The program begins with a three month training, during which an Aspire tutor leads a math class for all the participants. The last 2019 cohort, taught by Chase Kamp, graduated on December 13th. By the end of the math class, the participants had improved their test scores by an average of 50%!

Educational Mentorship

Most tutoring is instructional, putting students in the passenger seat. The Aspire approach is just the opposite. Through a team of tutors stocked with content expertise and emotional intelligence, our students are asked questions that build on their prior knowledge and bring them to a stronger conceptual understanding of the material. We empower students to significantly alter their trajectories through this approach in every area from with students on everything from early literacy skills to college application essays.

That’s how our students not only meaningfully better their grades but are prepared to be successful in the next phase of their educational careers.

tutor watches as elementary student writes in his notebook
tutor and teenage student write in notebook together

Long Time Mentors with the Boys and Girls Clubs

Aspire partner since 2013

At the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF), Aspire provides specialized tutoring for students from kindergarten to high school in subjects ranging from early literacy and arithmetic to AP courses and SAT prep. Not only do our tutors provide exceptional academic support, they serve as inspirational mentors who guide their students, making lasting impressions to take into adulthood. At 11 of their 12 clubhouses, we empower more than 300 BGCSF students every year.

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