Affordable Virtual Bootcamps for Small Groups

Over 15 years, Aspire has offered enrichment courses to empower students to reach new levels of achievement. Now we're offering those courses online in order to support student growth, foster connections during an isolating time, and learn important skills for the future, while having a great time doing it! These classes will be offered over Zoom. Given the current need to make up for learning loss, we are offering these bootcamps at only $195 for six sessions - 40% of their typical costs for this July only. Class size is limited, so sign up today! Exact dates and times are coming soon.

SAT Bootcamp with Jennifer An

The SAT is coming back this August! Join one of Aspire’s most experienced test prep tutors on a 6-session guided SAT prep class so students stay on track and get ahead for the summer test dates. Develop strategies for each section, learn which tricks the SAT will throw at you, and perfect that essay!

Our students typically improve between 100 and 250 points on the SAT. Just this summer, Diya, a student who participated in a remote SAT prep class, increased her score from 820 to 1320!


Course Goals: The student will practice individually and in a group to get ready to take the SAT. The student will create, alongside the facilitator, a personal study plan for the months leading up to their test date.

Class size: Maximum of 8

Cost: $195 (only applicable for July bootcamps. Standard price: $495)

About Your Instructor

Jennifer An

Jennifer An, Tutor Mentor

Jennifer received her BS degree in Pure Chemistry at UC Riverside, specializing in organic synthetic chemistry. She has empowered students to reach their goals since 2013 primarily in STEM subjects and test prep. Her love for chemistry was first stirred by her passion for baking.

Creative Coding Bootcamp with Andy Imm

With STEM careers rising 17% every year, coding is the emerging skill for the 21st century. And it can be fun! Coding allows you to make real change happen. Learning a new language has the ability to advance your everyday life. Coding is more than a language: it has the power to do things; from game play to solving global issues including automation with robotics, AI, and much more. 

This beginner’s course is designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and quantitative reasoning skills with introductory coding techniques. With basic programming tools like Scratch and Python we will design tactile representations to make data come alive.


Course Goals: Students will be able to explore math and technology in relation to coding applications. 

Students will create an online animated project involving code. For examples of what we’ll be creating, Design digital art is a project that uses coding and math to construct art from angles. also has many other games involving Scratch and Python that we’ll use for inspiration!

Class size: Maximum of 8

Cost: $195 (only applicable for July bootcamps. Standard price: $495)

About Your Instructor

Andy Imm

Andy Imm, Math Specialist

Andy has dual Master’s degrees, an MEd in Mathematics from Georgia State University and an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Missouri. With over 23 years of teaching professionally in the classroom, facilitating both online and face-to-face, he prepares students for the rigor and success of lifelong learning. He is passionate about incorporating art into STEM education by integrating games and web/mobile apps that offer experiential and collaborative cross-curricular learning.

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