Training Camp

SAT Training Camp

There's a new and better way to bump your score!

Whether you've done a lot of prep and need a final boost or just want to get up to speed right away, Aspire Education can help with our bold new approach—the SAT Training Camp. It’s the fast, intense, and fun way to knock this test out of the water.

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CRB Closing Ceremony

Congratulations Reading Buddies!

Reading Buddies has wrapped up for the year.

Community Reading Buddies was a great success this Summer! 136 teen mentors paired up one-on-one with pre-Kindergarten children in Oakland and Berkeley to help build crucial early literacy skills and spread the word: Reading is Fun! We'll see you next year...

Aspire Education

We get it.

Because better education builds communities, increases economic potential and enriches lives, Aspire Education Project is dedicated to providing the best academic support to all K-12 students. In order to make a lasting impact, our educators build relationships with students, model lifelong learning and empower those they teach to educate others.

Aspire Education

What is Aspire?

In the fall of 2005, Matthew Hulse founded the Oakland-based non-profit Aspire Education Project to bring the highest quality supplementary academic support to all students regardless of economic status. AEP's 250+ educators have served over 5,000+ students in the greater Bay area with its comprehensive K-12 academic programs.


Featured Testimonials

“Zach just got a report card with 3.8, we see that his confidence level has boosted it up significantly during his junior year and I know this is (Aspire’s) doing. Zach’s work with Aspire tutors has significantly changed the college process for us with respect to the scope of the colleges that he can apply to. We are thrilled with the results.”

- Aspire Family

“Everyone I have dealt with at Aspire has always been incredibly helpful, courteous, and professional. You

guys seemed to have unlimited availability when Jacob asked for help, and often worked at odd hours, just to get in another session with Jacob before a quiz, test, or final… I will always recommend Aspire to anyone! Thanks again!!”

- Titia M., Aspire Mom