2022-23 Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Form

Aspire Education is dedicated to ensuring that all Bay Area students have access to the extra academic support they need to succeed. We offer a limited number of scholarships each year and assign scholarships based on household income, household size, and financial need. The 2022-23 scholarship is targeted for students in grade 7 and below who are below grade level in math or reading.

The deadline to submit the scholarship application is AUGUST 31, 2022. The Spring 2023 due date is December 30, 2022.

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Preferred Method of Contact
Aspire Scholarships operate on a sliding-scale basis. Please indicate below:

  • The maximum amount that you are able to pay for tutoring
  • The number of sessions you think you will need (Most students choose to do weekly tutoring. There are about 15 weeks in each semester)

This is not a guarantee that we will be able to match this price, or that we will be able to provide the amount of sessions you need at this price. We ask this because we want to be able to accommodate as many families’ scholarship needs as possible.

What is the maximum you would be able to pay for tutoring?
Number of tutoring sessions you believe you will need this semester.
Please explain why your family is requesting a scholarship. Provide any pertinent details that aren’t covered elsewhere on the application.
We offer both in-person and virtual tutoring. Please let us know if you have a strong preference for one or the other, and why.
Tell us why your child would benefit from working with an Aspire Education tutor, and provide any relevant information regarding your child’s study skills and motivation. Please provide the context for your child’s grades and why your child is behind grade level in math or reading. What are your goals for your child in receiving this tutoring?