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Academic Support Through Partnerships

We work with schools, nonprofits, and community organizations to provide customized support for groups of students in admissions test preparation and academic support. Our test prep classes range from six to twelve weeks for the SAT, ACT, and all high school entrance exams. Our tutors and instructors also provide onsite in-school and after school tutoring in all subjects. Whether you need ongoing support in a class or a one-time SAT course, we have the instructors and experience to support your students. We tailor our pricing to be flexible to meet your students’ needs and your school or organization’s budget. Contact us to set up an intake call and help us create a program for you.

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Test Prep Workshops

Together with our partners, we offer onsite test preparation workshops for groups of students getting ready for their high school and college entrance exams. We focus on each group’s particular needs to give students the tools to reach their unique academic goals. Traditionally, such courses are cost-prohibitive, but we work with our partners to make high quality workshops accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Twice a year, we work with MetWest High School in Oakland to offer SAT prep courses. At First Graduate in San Francisco, we run an intensive, month-long preparatory course for a small group of 8th graders preparing for the ISEE. On an international level, we lead small-group video classes with SHE-CAN and Nepali Dreamers for young scholars applying to US colleges and universities.

Through partnerships such as these, we intend to bring our students one step closer to their dreams, both academic and beyond.

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First Graduate Scholars

Aspire partner since 2016

Aspire created a custom ten-week ACT class for two groups of 11th graders at San Francisco-based First Graduate. These scholars planned on becoming the first in their families to attend and graduate from college. Our instructors worked with the students in small groups and lecture-style classes to ensure they knew what to expect on the test and how to use their time most effectively. They applied their new content knowledge and test-taking strategies along the way on practice tests and finally on the official exam. Over the span of the course, the students increased their ACT scores across all sections of the test, with composite scores going up 4 to 8 points overall.

In-School Support

Students spend the majority of their lives in school, so we want to provide services that are easily accessible—on campus during the school day. We are on campus at McClymonds High School, Head Royce, Bentley Upper School, and at the Bay School of San Francisco. Our school partnerships give the best support to individuals or small groups in any challenging subject. If your school is looking for thoughtful tutors to support students onsite, please reach out to us.

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Teacher helps a student with his work

Helping the Mack Warriors Achieve Excellence

Aspire partner since 2006

McClymonds High School, or “Mack,” is one of our oldest partners. Over the years we have worked together in multiple capacities: tutoring students directly in class, acting as academic coaches with SPAAT for student athletes, and leading SAT workshops and after-school tutoring groups. In the 2017-2018 school year, we tutored 1,281 hours in math, science, and freshman academy classes.

Homework Help

Our most popular service for partners is homework help and academic support after school hours. We work onsite with all the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco with students on everything from early literacy skills to college application essays. At Oakland Technical High School, we help Computer Science Pathway students stay on track with their coursework so that they meet all their graduation requirements. Our partnership with the Oakland Warthogs rugby team gives players support in math, science, English, and Spanish for two days a week before practice.

tutor watches as elementary student writes in his notebook
tutor and teenage student write in notebook together

Long Time Mentors with the Boys and Girls Clubs

Aspire partner since 2013

At the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Aspire provides specialized tutoring for students from kindergarten to high school in subjects ranging from early literacy and arithmetic to AP courses and SAT prep. Not only do our tutors provide exceptional academic support, they serve as inspirational mentors who guide their students, making lasting impressions to take into adulthood. We work with students from nine different clubhouses: Columbia Park, Don Fisher, Excelsior, Mission, San Francisco Community School, Sunnydale, Tenderloin, Visitacion Valley, and Willie Mays. At the clubhouses, we are able to reach approximately 300 students and provide 1,200 hours of tutoring every year.

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