Our Donors & Partners

Rogers Family Foundation

The Rogers Family Foundation is committed to improving educational opportunity and supporting organizations that align themselves in improving the quality of education amongst Oakland students. One of the three key initiatives set by the foundation in order to close the achievement gap is investing in early literacy for children of low-income families.

Western Digital Foundation

Western Digital Foundation aims to respond to the needs of the communities in which the company operates in, as well as promote the philanthropic vision of the Western Digital Corporation. The current focus area for the Western Digital Foundation include education, basic needs, and civic engagement within the community.

West Davis & Bergard Foundation

A new foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area supporting Community Reading Buddies with purchases of books and funding curricula.

Tandem Partners in Early Learning

Tandem Partners in Early Learning is rooted in the belief that high-quality early learning and strong family bonds can break the cycle of poverty and build brighter futures for children. We are grateful to partner with Tandem for volunteer training and the program’s Family Reading Celebrations, such as the one pictured below.

Clorox Corporation Foundation

The Clorox Company Foundation provides grants to local programs in Oakland, CA that contribute to youth and education development. Our Youth Mentors are given support by the foundation for leadership development in addition to improving the academic performance of children, especially in literacy. Together we strive to promote positive relationships among youth from diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

Oakland Unified School District, Early Childhood Education

We are grateful to have the support of the Oakland Unified School District through the Department of Early Childhood Education. Our 21 years of service to Oakland’s preschools is a testament to the enduring commitment to provide the children and families of Oakland the foundation for a high-quality education. In partnership, we will continue to develop and provide resources to promote early literacy among Oakland youth.

Western Union Foundation

The Western Union provides direct grants to large and small non-governmental organizations that facilitate education and economic opportunity. Together, with Community Reading Buddies, we ensure an investment in educational opportunities where it is needed most. The Western Union Company and Foundation work with organizations across the world prioritizing those whose primary mission is to serve financially underserved families with the tools they need to get ahead.

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